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Thursday, 8 March 2018

New Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Officially Unveiled in Geneva &...Croatian Shipyard Completes ‘Saving Venice from Flooding’ Project (Photos)

I'm finding all the non-celeb stabbings, shootings and botched robberies/drug deals news around here boring so here's something different, and so I might as well finish off these two topics that I briefly mentioned recently. The first story has already been all over the car news sites the last few days as the successor to the all-electric Concept_One supercar has finally been unveiled. (More about that at the below links if not familiar). And its created quite a buzz among all the sports car and all-electric vehicle aficionados as the specs, features, overall design and performance numbers are pretty amazing. In a nutshell as described on the Rimac Automobili Facebook page:...

..."At the Geneva International Motor Show 2018, Rimac presents the world debut of the C_Two. Designed by Rimac’s in-house team and made entirely from scratch with all-new, groundbreaking technologies, this car represents the next generation hypercar. 1,914 hp create incredible acceleration of 0-60 mph in 1,85 sec and 0-300 km/h in 11,8 sec. An innovative battery pack in technology and layout delivers 120 kWh energy and 1,4MW of power. As a true Grand Tourer the C_Two provides a generous 650 km NEDC range. Recognisable Rimac design DNA integrates a variety of aerodynamic features. With level 4 ready hardware on-board this is one of the smartest and most connected cars in the world. It is, quite literally, alive with technology."

That's pretty cool, because they didn't just improve the Concept_One and build on that, but instead literally designed and built a whole new car from the bottom up with a new chassis and powertrain, as well as having all the software applications and computer systems, infotainment and security features also all designed and built in Croatia. Since introducing the Concept_One supercar just a few years ago, the company has grown from 10 people to over 300 hundred now including some of the best minds and engineers, along with a state of the art world class modern designing, testing and production facilities, and even with next generation battery and electrical systems innovations which is why over the last few years Rimac has also been part of projects with Renault, Aston Martin, Red Bull, Koenigsegg, Tajima, Qoros and even many others that he's sworn to secrecy. (see croatian-rimac-automobili-aston-marton-red-bull for more about that).

Besides producing and manufacturing engines and other electrical parts and entire battery systems for the other companies, the Rimac group also produces entire vehicles for other companies, such as the Applus Volar-E for Applus+ IDIADA.

To put it into perspective, the Concept_One from a few years ago was breaking speed and performance records all over the place and it had an already impressive 1088 horsepower, but this Concept_Two almost doubles that at 1914 horsepower. Because of the much more powerful hybrid battery, the all-newly upgraded integrated Rimac design DNA from scratch, new technologies, applications, features and the ability to even drive itself and recognize you, one article I read called this new Rimac Concept_Two as the iPhone of all-electric hypercar vehicles, and you'll see why. It even has a set of eight cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and two distance measuring lidar systems (Light Detection and Ranging) and six radar systems, Level 4 autonomous driving and of course it still utilizes the torque-vectoring system, and as a cool bonus it can be rapid charged in a measly 30 minutes. (as another interesting perspective example; the McLaren P1 LM, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and Aston Martin Valkyrie run around  $3.7 million, $3.3 million and $3.2 million respectively, and put out around 1000 hp, 740 hp and 1000 hp, however because the Concept_Two is all-electric it also has absolutely "0" exhaust emissions or pollutants).

And as a sidenote, this new Rimac EV isn't just about the speed and performance capabilities of the Concept_Two EV and about wowing the car show journalists and visitors, because it also highlights the whole electric vehicle technology/industry itself, because the reality is that this is where all sorts of vehicles and public transportation systems technologies are going, (the oil will be barely dripping out of the ground in the very near future and that's a cold hard fact that must be accepted, the days of gasoline vehicles are numbered and will be a thing of the past not far down the road), because it's more importantly part of the whole green and clean, solar powered and integrated smart technology industry which is the future, and if the technology isn't improved regularly and spread in various sectors every year then your kids will have loads of fun riding a horse to the ball game and living in caves.

Yep, it's cool to see this Croatian produced EV hypercar taking its place right up there with all the other well known high performance car company names from over the years. and Rimac (in Croatian his name is actually pronounced something like "Ma-teh Reem-atz, just supplementary fyi) even already has surprises with other projects and a planned new model Concept series hypercar to be released in 2022 which should be interesting. (For that one I recommend installing various missiles, electroshock defence, smoke screen devices, 25mm Vulcan gun, multipurpose grapple claw, riot suppressor, and an on board microscope and portable first-aid kit just like the Batmobile).

Of course you won't see this car riding around your neighbourhood anytime soon and your average person won't be picking one up at the local dealership/used car lot either, however as shown in the previous post link where the Florida doctor Paul Runge (not the serial murderer or baseball umpire, the doctor) bought a Concept_One and is quoted as being quite happy with the purchase with absolutely no regrets, so the person doesn't have to be a celeb, filthy rich or some dictator, monarch or oil sheik with a golden toilet to own and drive one. (the other Concept_One buyers preferred to remain more private and anonymous, so they don't have Youtubers stalking them to drive and race it for their and Youtube videos probably). Anyway more information here and at the links below...

The much anticipated Rimac C_Two made its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show this past week. (Photo: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas)

Text source:

Croatian electric hypercar developers Rimac Automobili have unveiled their new car at the Geneva Motor Show today.

The ‘game-changing’ Rimac C_Two new model is the follow up to Concept One and is the company’s second high-performance electric vehicle.

(Photo: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas)

Croatian cello stars 2CELLOS set the scene before the covers were removed from the car with a fantastic live performance.

Rimac C_Two packs some power too. It can go from 0-60 mph in just 1.85 seconds and has 1,914 horsepower from its all-electric powertrain. The top speed is 412 km/ph and it can reach 300 km/ph in just over 11 seconds.

(Photo: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas)

The car has Level 4 autonomy, so it will basically be able to drive on its own but will still require a driver to be behind the wheel.

Production of the Rimac C_Two is limited to around 100 units, each expected to cost in excess of $1.25 million.

(Photos: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas)

(Photo: Rimac)

Rimac’s new electric hypercar can go 0–60 faster than it takes to read this headline

(Photos: Rimac)

Text source:

Let’s dispense with the hyperbole: Croatia’s Rimac Automobili built a very, very fast car that they’d like to show you. It is an all-electric hypercar called the Concept Two that debuted today at the Geneva Motor Show. It claims to have a 1,914-horsepower engine that enables a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in 1.85 seconds. That would make it one of the quickest cars in existence, quicker than the next-generation Tesla Roadster with its comparatively sluggish 0–60 in 1.9 seconds.

These are crazy sounding specs and you would not be remiss if you read all of this with a healthy degree of skepticism. That said, Rimac’s Concept One, circa 2012, fed on 1,088 horsepower from its four electric motors, and could best most supercars on the drag strip. Which is to say, Rimac knows fast.

Rimac says its 120 kWh battery enables over 400 miles of range, which is a lot more than the 200 miles found in most production EVs. And facial recognition technology will both unlock and start the car, which makes this car the perfect distillation of our current moment of technology and hype.

The company claims that it’ll get to 100 mph in 4.3 seconds and run a quarter mile in 9.1 seconds. The C Two tops out at 258 mph, but after a certain point these are just numbers on a screen, right? All this speed and horsepower starts to get a little abstract, and that abstraction can be a little dangerous if not handled correctly. Just ask Richard Hammond, who is very lucky to have walked away from the burning wreckage of the Rimac Concept One while shooting his television show The Grand Tour last year.

If speed isn’t your thing, Rimac says the car comes with Level 4 autonomous capabilities. The sensor suite includes eight cameras, one or two LIDAR, six radar, 12 ultrasonics, and a partridge in a pear tree. Again, Level 4 is an easy claim to make when you don’t have the immediate concern of independent verification. In other words, we’ll believe it when we see it.

And we probably won’t because the chances you or me or anyone we know will ever end up behind the wheel of the Concept Two are exactly zero. The company won’t say how much the C Two costs, but you can count on it being seven-figures. Rimac said it will build 150 copies of the Concept Two, which would be a massive output compared to the eight copies it sold of the original.

From the very first views of the Rimac C_Two presented to the public this past week. More video footage will become available at

This video from the carwow Youtube channel sums up some of the features and performance specs. (more videos will become available at

This one is in-depth with more close-up interior views and explanation of features.

(Photos: Rimac)

Image: Ronan Glon/Digital Trends

Images: Rimac

Images Vlad Savov / The Verge

I should also note a few other points while here, that besides the line of Concept EVs and being part of projects with Renault, Aston Martin, Red Bull, Koenigsegg, Tajima, Qoros and others, another interesting recent all-electric vehicle project is the Rimac Greyp G12  – an impressive new high performance electric bike. Greyp dealerships were recently opened in countries such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, and Luxembourg. More about that at

An interesting look at riding through 10 European countries in 45 days (including passing cars climbing through the Alps) on one of the new Rimac Greyp electric bikes. 

I had to add this interesting one too, the Greyp electric bike being introduced and riding in the streets of Monaco and during the "Monaco Like Bike Show." (because as everyone knows Monaco is much better known for their famous annual "Monaco International Flea Market and Soupfest Festival", so that's something you don't see everyday)

Company founder Mate Rimac these days is also using his supercar battery technology for electric wheelchairs.

This is the interesting story of Rolly. After traveling North American televangelists encouraged Rolly to send in significant portions of his monthly living allowance to them as a miracle seed faith gift, Rolly was then left with just barely only enough for the medicines but was unable to get new batteries needed for his wheelchair. (Rolly called trying to get his money back but the operator said  "Sorry Billy, the Pastor Creflo already gave it to the Lord, bought some new furniture and made airline/hotel reservations" but added that they'll send him their newest book for 50% off the suggested retail price + $4.99 s&h, a miracle seed cloth and a free Abraham and his camels arrive in Canaan fridge magnet). Luckily however Rimac had enough of their Moses' dinosaurs and Job's fish belly bullshit nonsense stories, instead of plagues and curses he stepped in to instead design a whole new wheelchair along with a battery that was literally thousands of times more advanced and much longer lasting, a new wheelchair miracle actually. And this is not just a one time thing as Rimac regularly helps disabled people with the Rimac Automobili car and battery technology applications. (I'm glad to announce that now Rolly always has enough for his medicines and even enough left over for snacks and new Batman and Iron Man comics)

Basically, without promoting people to go out and drive at very high speed into sharp corners, (but if you did), here's a Concept_One example of the three-way adjustable torque vectoring feature mentioned which can be tailored to the driver's needs or skill, it acts as if the car had four-wheel steering by automatically adapting each wheel individually to the handling characteristics within a millisecond, so it can corner like nothing else. Below Rimac's professional test driver Miroslav Zrnčevic displays the oversteer preference setting. (Do not try this at home, well you can if you want but I wouldn't recommend it)

As an update from just a week later, the Concept_Two was already prestigiously honoured with another accolade being named the "World’s No.1 Most Powerful Sports Car" by the leading car magazine Auto Bild published in Germany, Rimac's car took top spot from a field of 30 world renown high performance cars (even the original Concept_One made the list, I've already started throwing my change into the cookie jar and will probably get a red, blue or silver one down the road, mainly for just the drive-thrus, bowling nights and cafe-hopping). Complete list at

And since the readers just can't get enough of those zany cool interesting history facts I throw in once in a while, here's another automobile related one I remembered from a previous Tour of Croatia post about some other automotive Croatia firsts. A brief mention about Ferdinand Budicki, who was a Croatian pioneer of car, bicycle, motorcycle and airplane culture and adventurer (including hot air ballooning, taking the first ever aerial photographs of Zagreb, taking part of numerous bicycle and motorsport races and even assembling his own bicycle in 1897 to travel 17,323 kilometres across the entire continent in 8 months), he was reportedly the first Croatian to drive a car and soon the first to open a car dealership and car repair shop in the entire Croatian Triune Kingdom crown lands in the city of Zagreb. In April 1901, he drove from Vienna Austria to Zagreb in a purchased 1899 Opel and soon became the first person to hold a Croatian driver's licence (after receiving the licence with the serial number 1.0 he was also the first to receive a traffic ticket for speeding on 6 June 1901, it's even one of the very first traffic tickets ever in history, this was before the first electric Zagreb trams started in 1910 and even before the first permanent Zagreb movie theatres in 1906), soon afterwards there were automobiles being seen and driven in Rijeka, Split, Zadar, Poreč, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Vukovar, Šibenik, Karlovac, Varaždin and elsewhere. He is also remembered as the founder of the Zagreb Fair, a founder of the Hrvatski športski savez in 1909 (Croatian Sports Federation) and founding the first Croatian Automobile Club in 1906, driving schools, later he also founded local Zagreb taxi and bus services. Because of his pioneering legacy and for advancing and taking part in cycling and motorsports races and founding a number of Croatian Automobile Clubs, today the Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum in Zagreb is named in his honour as well as a Ferdinand Budicki Street since 1993, that's pretty interesting and good to know and sort of similar to the Rimac pioneering of the new all-electric vehicles technologies, (and like I said with oil reserves and production depleting not far in the future, today's cars and vehicles requiring gasoline will also be in museums soon..."Look at that, there's one of those cars that needed gasoline and oil, haha they were so backwards"). Below is Ferdinand Budicki, a view from the museum and of his first shop (which also sold bicycles, motorcycles, phonographs and other appliances) and car dealership/repair shop in Zagreb in 1902.

This story is self-explanatory, basically a Croatian shipbuilding company that is helping save Venice from flooding, (you know, that city with that gondola guy that you see on those Ragu pasta sauce labels and all that, that Venice), also just like the Concept_Two cars story it's not about shipping or exporting diseases, terrorism, absurd fashions, fad dance moves or any crypto-commie cults, anarcho-bolshevik self-loathing mutants theologies or organizations run by various subversive gurus agendas, so it's a happy ending news story. More information about this at Venice MOSE project which also happens to be one of the largest construction projects in Italy’s history...

Croatian Shipyard Completes ‘Saving Venice from Flooding’ Project

(Images: Brodosplit)

Source: croatiaweek.

Croatian shipyard Brodosplit in Split on Tuesday sent on their way the last of the steel gates to Venice which will be used to protect the Italian city from floods.

Brodosplit constructed 63 steel gates between 27 and 30 metres long and 20 metres wide. The gates are between 4.5 and 5 metres tall and weigh 300 tonnes.

The mobile gates are capable of separating the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea in cases of tides higher than the established level (110 cm) to a maximum of three metres. The project was worth 75 million euros in total.

“Brodosplit employees are extremely proud of their achievements because this contract was won in a global tender with strong international competition between numerous shipbuilders and steel structure manufacturers. They will remain permanently listed on the list of companies participating in one of the largest construction projects in Italy’s history and contributing to the rescue of Venice from the major problems caused by the tide,” Brodosplit said in a statement.

A total of 78 gates are expected to be placed as part of the MOSE project which will last around 100 years.

The MOSE project is an integrated system consisting of rows of mobile gates installed at the Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia inlets. MOSE is flexible and can be operated in different ways according to the characteristics and height of the tide.

Given that the gates are independent and can be operated separately, all three inlets can be closed in the case of an exceptional event, the inlets can be closed one at a time according to the winds, atmospheric pressure and height of tide forecast, or again, each inlet can be partially closed. Exceptionally high waters have struck the city during the 20th century.

Here's a little extra background information I mentioned before about this shipbuilding company and Croatian shipbuilding in general these days...

Brodogradilište Split, aka Brodosplit shipyards, ( is based in the city of Split, (obviously) has already for years been building super-large container ships, ferries, passenger ships, oil tankers, (example) as well as the Croatian Navy warships/police boats mentioned earlier and other marine transport vehicles, but this shows that Croatian shipyards can still make top notch quality fast response Croatian Navy/military ships today. There is also the city of Pula based Tehnomont Brodogradilište which also makes large ships and boats for export, especially lately for the Croatian Coast Guard and the Police Patrol Boats mentioned. (Interestingly Brodosplit even won a contract last year to complete the ‘Save Venice From Flooding’ Project, a system including 63 huge steel gates and one of the biggest construction projects in Italian history, they're practically saving Venice basically, how's that for interesting? (you know, Venice like that gondola guy on those Ragu spaghetti sauce labels, that's in Venice and not just some guy on a boat probably many people don't realize). The gates will also thwart any future shore landing attempts by Ra's al Ghul and his minions if necessary, intelligence reports last year reported his dastardly plan is to transfer the entire populations of Egypt, Libya, Algeria and the whole Middle East into Italy and Greece by 2030 before then taking over North America, China and Japan, he's just plain diabolically evil that guy, so those steel gates will probably have spikes on them).

3Maj Shipyard (Treći Maj Brodogradilište) in the city of Rijeka is another one that has a long history of building all kinds of large ships, oil tankers, container ships, ferries, passenger ships and not just oyster, lobster/crab and shrimp catching boats or just those touristy river rafts like some people think (example). The first docks were erected in 1892 at first as an affiliate to the German Howaldtswerke from Kiel. 3Maj was recently incorporated into Uljanik which are based in the town of Pula. This saved a lot of jobs and costs and combined their shipbuilding know how technologies, streamlining operations to make a more efficient and productive shipbuilding company. Case in point, Uljanik Group Shipyard was chosen to make the Katina luxury yacht and the Scenic Eclipse super-luxury passenger yacht not that long ago.

A few other ones I should mention since on the topic are the Dalmont Brodogradilište Kraljevica (aka Kraljevica Shipyards) in Kraljevica near the city of Rijeka, which has a history of shipbuilding since being founded in 1729, these days including building commercial ships, military vessels, and superyachts. The Viktor Lenac Shipyard (Croatian: Brodogradilište Viktor Lenac) was founded in 1896 near the city of Rijeka, it at first specialized mainly in ship repairs and lengthenings, today it has three floating drydocks, a large offshore construction site and it specializes in ship conversions and gas platform construction. Over the years it has even signed a number of contracts to repair and overhaul various US Navy ships (including the US Navy's 6th Fleet flagship USS Mount Whitney). And the Brodotrogir Shipyards in the town of Trogir near Split is another one building large container ships, ferries, passenger ships and oil tankers etc, with even documented historical mentions of shipbuilding in the town going back to the Middle Ages, so nothing new there.

I also found out that not long ago this same Uljanik Group shipyard signed a contract to build three 740 foot Seaway Max self-unloading bulk freighters for the Algoma Central Corporation shipping company in St. Catherines Ontario, more on that at and Good news for Croatian shipbuilding again as well as their customers world-wide, Croatian shipbuilding saving jobs and lives and even saving Venice while making the world a progressive and better less absurd place, and top notch beers and pastries too.

Croatian Singer Jelena Rozga To Perform Australia Concerts In March 2018

Popular Croatian pop and pop-folk singer Jelena Rozga, who has been topping the Croatian music charts since going solo in 2006 and also the first female artist to play at a sold out Split Spaladium Arena, announced she will be touring Australia this month for a series of concerts.

I'm finding all the non-celeb stabbings, shootings and botched robberies/drug deals news around here boring so here's something different. (And I try not to do much sports or entertainment topics these days, so this is just a rare quick light post that will mainly be of interest to any readers in Australia or New Zealand and good to know). For those who don't know, Jelena Rozga is a popular award winning Croatian pop and folk-pop singer since going solo in 2006 after 10 years as the singer for the group "Magazin". Being one of the many pop and folk-pop acts that have appeared over the last decade especially, she regularly performs at packed arenas and large hall venues, but also many outdoor festivals concerts and smaller venues and clubs, so popular in fact that besides touring all across Croatia she's even performed in Slovenia, as well as in Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Hercegovina, Germany and to even North America and now Australia for the first time later this month, there's some related post links below also...

Jelena Rozga Australia Tour: ‘I’m Excited to Meet the Croatian Community’

Image: Facebook.

Text source:

Croatian pop and folk-pop star Jelena Rozga is heading downunder to Australia this month to play three concerts.

Rozga, who as a teenager in the 1990's made her name as the singer in the mega-popular group Magazin, will play three concerts this month in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.

Rozga will start her Australian Tour in Sydney with a concert at the Croatian Club – Punchbowl next Saturday on 17 March.

She will then head to Canberra to play at Croatia Deakin Soccer Club on 23 March, before finishing her tour in Melbourne at the Melbourne Knights Stadium on 24 March.

In 2006 she started her solo career after 10 years as the singer for "Magazin", one of the milestones of her career is the mega-hit "JEANS.

Jelena Rozga's solo career especially took off in 2011 after winning a Porin Award (Croatia's version of the Grammys) in the category "Hit of the Year" and for winning 1st place by getting the most votes at the 51st Splitski Festival, an annual music festival in the city of Split. Image: Zvonimir Barišin, Nikola Vilić/ Cropix.

In 2016 she announced her third album called Modern Woman which stayed more than 10 weeks at the top of the Croatian Top 40 music charts, and it was also the best selling album in Croatia in 2017.

We caught up with her for a Q&A session before she left Croatia...

What are you looking forward to ahead of your tour of Australia?

There are so many things to look forward to! It’s my first ever time performing in Australia and I’m having not 1 but 3 concerts! The Sydney show is already sold out so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m also so excited to meet my Australian fans and to see the Croatian community there.

It will be your first visit to Australia, what have you heard about the country?

This is my very first time visiting. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Australia – mostly how beautiful it is and that there is no place quite like it, and now I will finally get to experience it!

Official website:

What can fans expect from your concerts?

I love what I do. I absolutely adore singing live in front of my fans and that really shows when I’m performing so they can expect nothing short of a great and unforgettable night.

Will you have much free time to see the sights?

I have a few days of free time which I’m definitely going to take advantage of. We’re going to plan carefully so we can get the most out of each day and see/do as much as we can!

Promo for her first ever Australia tour.

*Editor's note - Jelena Rozga also often performs at the annual week long Karlovac "Dani Piva" (Days of Beer) festival I've mentioned before, that's probably a good one to be at because you can have some tasty eats and wet your whistle between sets.

Do you have a message for fans in Australia?

I want them to know how excited and thankful I am for the opportunity to perform in Australia for them and get ready for an amazing night!

Performing at the summer "Virskoj noći" festival in the coastal city of Zadar. Image: Antena Zadar.

Lots of people have asked will you hop over to New Zealand since you will be close?

I wish we had more time and visit more cities in Australia and also in New Zealand, but unfortunately, we have to go back to Europe. For the first time, it is ok to have those 3 concerts, let’s leave something for next year!

For ticket information click on the dates below.

SYDNEY – 17.03.2018 – SOLD OUT
CANBERRA – 23.03.2018
MELBOURNE – 24.03.2018

And I've already got some "world exclusive" behind the scenes footage from the first Sydney concert at the Croatian Club Punchbowl.

Interestingly, (because it really is interesting actually), the final performance of her brief Australia tour will be held at Melbourne Knights Stadium, which is the home field of Melbourne Knights FC that was founded in 1953 as SC Croatia by a group of Croatian immigrants in Melbourne's western suburbs. (they were even two-time Australian National Champions and four-time premiership winners in the former Australian National Soccer League that existed up to 2004). And interestingly again, they are just one of 34 active Croatian football clubs presently operating in Australia, the first one was HSNK Zora (no longer in existence), which was founded in 1931, currently the oldest surviving Croatian club in Australia is the Adelaide Croatia Raiders founded in 1952 as Adelaide Croatia. The most successful and largest Croatian clubs in Australia are the Melbourne Knights and Sydney United 58 FC, more about the Melbourne Knights at a previous post HERE.

Related posts and more information:







As a bonus from a previous post, here's some music video footage from over the years for those not familiar.

I've read some misinformed comments here and there in internetland, so I have to add here that her t-shirt actually has nothing to do with elfs or elves or gnome-like beings at all, instead it's a tee of the Croatian fashion house ELFS. (There now that's cleared up, you can proceed with the videos)

I had to add these 3 vids into this post because they're just not getting the deserved amount of views, get viewing people. (More boring Rozga videos below afterwards)

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