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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Days Of The First Croatian Beer & Brewery - Osječko Pivo/Osječko Beer (Photos)

Osječko beer and brewery has an over 350 year beer making history and tradition in Croatia.

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Osječka Pivovara (Osijek Brewery - has been making beer for more than 300 years in Croatia, its history officially dates back to 1664 but it was being brewed for decades even before that, and that makes it the oldest Croatian brewery and beer. It's actually even older than the popular and oldest British beer and brewery Shepherd Neame. (I had a chance to try this beer on my last trip and it put a pleasant chill on my liver while enjoying the scenery..a very good beer). The identity of the city of Osijek to Osječko Beer is as connected as Hershey, Pennsylvania is to Hershey's chocolates, Old Milwaukee is to Milwaukee, Wisconsin or Budweiser Beer to Budweis, Czech Republic etc.

The very basics of modern-day beers and beer brewing hasn't changed much in many centuries, not since German monks introduced hops as a vitally important main ingredient, codified and recorded their recipes and started brewing beer in their monasteries during medieval times, water was unsanitary many times, equipment was not always hygienically clean and without hops the ales would spoil very quickly (historically "ale" being a type of beer brewed without hops). Interestingly, beer was actually the most consumed beverage already and an important source of nutrition in the medieval world, it was drank by children, nursing mothers, the old and the sick and everyone in between. Even though I don't drink much these days, a pretty cool and interesting Croatian site these days devoted to all sorts of beer news topics, articles, new and retro images/posters and the interesting history of beer in Croatia up to today, as well as in Europe and elsewhere around the world is

Anyway, every autumn in the city of Osijek, they hold the "Days Of The First Croatian Beer" (Dani Prvog Hrvatskog Piva). A celebration of the beer and the city that it is named after. The city of Osijek was severely damaged durng the Serbian war of aggression from 2 decades ago and there are still visible reminders, (6000 artillery shells fired by the remaining Serb-Yugoslav army from 1991-92 also resulted in over 800 civilian deaths), but it has rebounded and is proud of celebrating it's rich culture and vibrant heritage extending back many centuries. The atmosphere is great, music, beer, and of course authentic Croatian food from the Slavonia region where the city of Osijek is located. (They sure don't look like the drunk losers I've been seeing drinking beer at bus stops around here in Cowtown Alberta lately. "Hey bub, we know what's in the McDonald's paper bag already, you're not fooling anyone"). I haven't been in Osijek yet, but it's on my list. I do however have internet friends in and around Osijek, so I know it's a city that would suit me just fine. Here's a closer look at the goings on at just some of the festivities.


Every year Osječka Brewery, the oldest brewery in Croatia, honor their loyal brewer fans with the highest manifestation in this area of our beautiful country -

''Days of the first Croatian beer''. Visitors from the 22nd to 26th September 2010. on the left bank of the Drava are welcomed by a large tent with plenty of Osijek brewery great fun, dance, traditional cuisine and of course, Osijek's favorite beer.

Source and Fotogallery:  (Foto: Daniel Antunović, Igor Košćak)

Tramvaj Party

An amusing Osječko beer fan made video.

Since already on the topic of Osijek, here is "Slow City Osijek": a cool and interesting timelapse video featuring the city of Osijek.

SlowCity - Osijek - Timelapse from Romulic & Stojcic on Vimeo.

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