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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Croatian Army Orders German PZH 2000 Howitzers & More Croatian Made Patrol Boats

I used to be in the Canadian Armed Forces, but I'm not some gung-ho military type by far, I just find the odd informative military article sort of interesting and so sometimes I'll add it here. It's good to know Croatians are doing their part in saving the world and making it safe from the fucked up countries and people and their fucked up ways and smells. (You see, I can say things like that here because I'm not ruled by sponsors like a marionette so I don't have to write approved scripts and filler or edit things or read a teleprompter to be politically correct either, to appease the various cereal, shampoo and conditioner commercial people. That makes me feel great)

So anyway, this below German howitzer acquisition seems like a solid investment to me, they come in handy for all sorts of reasons. As for the new patrol boats, armed patrol boats come in handy too. Croatia has a fairly long coast, especially when you factor in the over 1000 islands it amounts to over 4000 km of coastline, so a few more modern patrol boats doesn't hurt at all. The fact that they will be designed and made in Croatia is definitely also a bonus.

The Croatian Navy is composed of classical naval forces structured into a fleet and the second part is the Coast Guard that consists of ships with peacetime duties, e.g. protection of ecology, fishing, control of tankers, ballast waters, combat against terrorism, trafficking of people, narcotics and similar duties, working in unison with Croatian Police Patrol Boats. This is important to me, illegal migrants from Africa and the surrounding area a big problem for Italy these days, it seems they avoid going to other nearby closer Muslim countries like the plague and decide instead to pay huge sums to illegally hightail it to the Non-Muslim Infidel Western European nations, there they can then bellyache about the evil anti-Muslim infidels and send funds to terrorists and extremists back home while building more mosques with monies sent from governments and organizations in those Muslim countries that didn't give a shit about helping them in the first place. Croatia needs those problems about as much as we need to drink cow piss.

Croatia has been fulfilling many NATO commitments (NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, not North American as some people I've come across think) since joining in 2009 and regularly takes part of NATO as well as European Union Force missions and exercises. (Unfortunately, we can't take these howitzers on our UN missions to do some practice howitzering because it's against UN protocol). These kinds of upgrades and acquisitions are important for the battle against the various waves of philistinism and egregious fashion choices/designs and their promoters that are threatening the worlds peace, fashion, hairstyles, normality and security even today.

(I might as well quickly add some extra information, some statistics that came out not that long and which I find very strange. Now, I used to be the CAF like I said, been there, done that. But this recent news that more Canadian soldiers have died from suicide than combined combat mission deaths between 2004 and 2014, well I find this very weird and I'm not quite sure what to make of it exactly. That's after most of them already arrived back or left the military entirely. Have they become a bunch of pussy whips these days lacking intestinal fortitude?  Maybe they realized that the whole time they were battling extremists/terrorists that they snuck into Canada the whole time and are living here now, with their own radio and television programs supporting and promoting their brethren extremists/terrorists and sending them funds. (Calgary is the capital of homegrown terrorism and the Canadian government even hands out big bucks to ProTaliban jihad rappers promoting killing of Canadian soldiers, great idea geniuses). There are actually a number of Canadians who have gone to the Middle East and joined the various extremist/terrorist armies over the years, it sounds unbelievable but it's true. Maybe they just got sick of all the shitfucks and stooges crawling around everywhere after coming back, and realizing they didn't even need to waste years hunting for shitfucks to shoot in the desert on the other side of the world, they could have just stayed here and done the same all along with much less searching involved. (Some are so easy to find that they're even on television and Youtube regularly speeching and promoting their sharia and extremist/terrorism supporting views, perhaps they should go join the military instead to show their gratitude to their new country. Naaah, that would be even a worse idea, like letting unknown off the street pedos become kindergarden teachers). It's actually quite bizarre yet nobody here really mentioned it anywhere on the news hardly, that's weird too. The Serbs are probably partying and laughing their heads off now. The latest Bill Cosby, Earl Hayes and Jian Gnomeshi news got tons more exposure and discussion, not to mention all the selfie actor gossip. (Just goes to show you celeb gossip means higher ratings, which equals more fast food and dishwashing liquid sold, which equals more tv time after dinner and doing the dishes, repeat lather and rinse and don't forget your coupons). I don't know, maybe they should have just walked up to any stooges who were the problem, and just shoot them. Simple as that, like a bug on the wall. That would show them not to bark up the wrong tree, not to try to play with scorpions, not to disturb the kangaroo, something like that. Anyway, I'm not going to get all into it here, but in case you don't believe me, you can read the article HERE)

12 Panzerhaubitze 2000 Howitzers (PZH 2000) will be added to the Croatian Army for more efficient combat readiness, NATO/EUFOR and regional military response maneuvers.

Croatia orders PZH 2000 Howitzers


Croatia has ordered 12 Panzerhaubitze 2000 (PzH 2000) 155 mm self-propelled howitzers from German military stocks, it has been announced.

A contract for the order was signed in Zagreb on 5 December by Viktor Koprivnjak, Croatian deputy minister of defence in charge of material resources, and by Helmut Richter from the Federal Office for Defence Technology and Procurement.

The delivery of PzH 2000 to the Croatian Armed Forces (CAF) is to be done in two tranches of six systems: the first in the second half of 2015 and the second in 2016. Germany will prepare the artillery systems for Croatian service prior to their delivery, a process that will include upgrading their communications array and weapon control software.

During the signing, Koprivnjak stated: "The weapons themselves are priced at EUR12 million [USD15 million], while the overall project is valued at EUR41 million. Apart from the actual PzH 2000 howitzers, there is training, spares, and adjustment of the weaponry and their electronic systems for service in the CAF."

While this procurement is mentioned in the new CAF Long-Term Development Plan 2015-24 (still going through parliament) as a goal to be fulfilled by 2019, the new artillery systems are considered vital for the development of a CAF NATO force capability.

In order to lower the costs of the upgrades and for their operational usage, the contracting for these parts of the programme is being done by the NATO Support Agency's Land Combat Vehicle (Project PzH 2000) effort in order to benefit from economies of scale.

The addition of the PZH 2000 Howitzers seems like a solid investment to me.

Croatia Orders Five New Patrol Boats For It's Navy Fleet

The new Croatian made patrol boats ordered for the Croatian Navy and Coast Guard will be larger size and be outfitted with more modern capabilities than the current fleet of patrol boats. (I would recommend installing some mounted ultra-rapid fire machine guns and some variable yield nuclear armed guided SSM's in the range of 0.3 to 5 kilotons)


Croatia has ordered five patrol boats from the shipyard in Split, signing a contract with the firm on 2 December.

Valued at HRK396 million (USD63.5 million), the agreement was signed by Croatian Minister of Defence Ante Kotromanovic and Tomislav Debeljak, the owner of the Brodosplit shipyard, following an international tender.

The five patrol craft are to be built to a design by the Brodarski institute of Zagreb, with the first-of-class expected to be finished in 15 months.

Part of the current fleet of patrol boats, a Croatian Navy Mirna-class (OB-02 Šolta) in the Lora naval base near Split, August 2011. Image:

Croatian Special Operations members during recent Navy and Coast Guard exercises, seen above boarding a vessel suspected or in the process of illegal activities.

An interesting collage themed around the Croatian Military and Special Forces.

Commander of the Croatian Coast Guard, Commodore Marin Stošić said that the 41.85 m long boats will be fitted with 30 mm automatic gun, two manually operated 12.7 mm machine guns and four manually operated portable anti-aircraft rocket systems. "The boat can reach a speed of 28 knots and is very capable of pursuit. It has a large navigational range and can stay at sea for ten days with 14 crew members."

Kotromanovic stated that "the Croatian Armed Forces will gain new capabilities and the Croatian shipyard a competitive product that we will be able to offer on the world market".

I couldn't find any good quality footage of Croatian patrol boats blowing up other ships with explosions, flying missiles and limbs flying in the air, so this footage from a "Croatian Navy Day" in the city of Split will have to do.

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women-of-croatian-armed-forces _Croatia



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