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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Goran Visnjic Filming 3rd Season Of "Crossing Lines" In Croatia (Photos + Video)

Goran Visnjic during filming of the NBC television series "Crossing Lines" in Croatia for season 3. The series is filming at locations across Europe and will also include Rijeka, Opatija and Rovinj. Image:

Well, something light and the opposite of Sunday televangelist programming going on right about now, I read about this a while ago, so now is as good a time as any. For those not in the know, the Croatian-American actor is currently wrapping up filming the 3rd upcoming season of 'Crossing Lines'' and some of the filming took place at Croatian locations recently. In the series he will be portraying Marco Corazza,  the sometimes unshaven and martini drinking Marxist-battling and kidnapping expert who will be part of a special unit, an elite team of the International Criminal Court (ICC) that investigates serial crimes across European borders and then hunts them down to bring them to justice.

Now, personally, I've never watched this series because I don't watch much tv to begin with, but I checked out some trailers and it looks pretty good and seems interesting. (You'll have to check your local listings) Goran Visnjic started to become more well known on this side of the pond after playing the part of Luka Kovac in the very popular series ER. (I didn't watch that though because I'm personally not into hospitals and hospital drama, besides real nurses never look or act like tv nurses, not even close) From there he moved onto various other projects and films. (See HERE for more on that)

It's funny though, I finally just a few months ago, finally watched the whole film 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' from beginning to end after seeing parts of it quite a few times, and Goran also played the character of Dragan Armansky in that one. I liked the soundtrack and storyline of that one, it got sort of weird near the end but overall a very good thriller/suspense flick and flowing storyline. (Did you know that the actress Rooney Mara who played the girl really wasn't Swedish? Yep, it's true, the tattoos and especially her accent was all an act, It's true. I'm telling you, she speaks perfect English and doesn't even know Swedish at all. Incredible)

Anyway, as for this recent project of his, this is a great choice I think, and filming parts of it in Croatia is a bonus. The worst thing that can happen is to be typecast as a doctor or other character, it's been the death of many thespians. (Go look up typecasted actors, if you've been typecasted most of the time it's the last nail in the coffin, you might as well start trying to be a television celebrity commentator or interviewer, you've already had your 7 minutes of fame but perhaps through osmosis you'll get a part in a movie playing a janitor, a bus stop woman or the door man. The only exceptions I think are maybe Bruce Willis and Jennifer Aniston, (and maybe a few others), because they are always, and I mean always, every single time the exact same character in every movie and every character they ever portray...ever, the same acting and same lines and even the same clothes many times for whatever role they take on, be it comedy, drama, horror, romance, action or whatever. (I liked the movies in Grindhouse, and Bruce Willis played some military guy in the beginning of Planet Terror, I didn't believe it for a second though, it's just the same guy from Die Hard, the same lines, acting, same squinting and smirk, all the same everything all over again, pffff as if he's a military guy now) I've always liked those action/drama/suspense/intrigue type films set in non-hospital surroundings. This 3rd season seems like it will be worth a look as they will be on the trail of low-life criminals in various European locations and backdrops, maybe even explosions or gun fights in castles or museums. My post from the other day about the Esplanade Hotel would be a good location for some gun fights, falling crystal chandeliers and secret clandestine meetings and espionage I think.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2013. (His surname is actually pronounced Vish-nyich in Croatian btw) You can watch this and other interview videos at

While doing this post I also found out that Carrie-Anne Moss was in season 2 of this "Crossing Lines" series. She's also looking pretty good since the Matrix days also, and she's even older than me. I read somewhere though that she moved to Switzerland and was neighbours with Shania Twain or something. It's good to know she hasn't turned into a crack or crystal meth-whore since battling various sentinels and machines. I'm not going to go in-depth into the cast and plot of this series because frankly I don't know that much about it, this is just mainly about Goran Visnjic and the Croatian location filming, but the series does also have Donald Sutherland in it. (Remember that part with him at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers boys and girls?, ooouuu, that was scary, you sure don't want to watch that movie at home alone late at night in the dark with lots of plants or shrubs around you, that's for sure) Basically I guess you could say the 3rd season of the series will be like an X-Files in Europe but without the reptilians and aliens and using different badges. I don't know what the filming plans are for when they are in Rijeka, but since I've been there a few times and even spent 2 whole summers there as a kid, I would recommend an episode finishing at Trsat Castle overlooking Rijeka. I can just see it now, chasing the evil cartel kidnappers up the stone stairs, shooting back and forth, the bad guy falls over the ledge eventually, and then the final moments of the episode pans and zooms to the blood splattered Dragons of Trsat, wow what a finale that would be.

Anyway, there's a lot worse things to be a part of than filming a popular television series I say, and having even having a Croatian descent actor in it is a plus, way better than lots of news going on these days. Season 3 of the television series is being filmed in various locations all across Europe, they finished doing filming in Prague and now the Croatian filming portion will also include the city of Rijeka and Rovinj as well. He of course also spent some time visiting relatives in his hometown of Šibenik just down the coast. (Šibenik is also called "Krešimirov grad" (Krešimir's city). It was mentioned for the first time under its present name when it was the royal seat of the Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV for a time in the middle ages, your extemporaneous Croatian history fact of the day) I'm glad they chose different locations besides Dubrovnik, the 'Game of Thrones' people have that one covered. This stretch of cities, towns and locations along the coast where they will be filming is sort of like the Croatian riviera, and is actually called at times the riviera of eastern Europe, but less expensive than the French riviera. Below are some sneak peek behind the scenes pics of recent filming in the coastal town of Opatija over the past couple of days and a trailer for season 3.

(Supplementary information: Did you know that Eric Bana, the guy who played Bruce Banner in the 2003 film Hulk, is Croatian background also? His non-Hollywood real name is Eric Banadinović. Also, Goran Visnjic doesn't have your typical actor background either btw, probably unknown to many, just like Cro Cop, Elvis and me, he has a military background also. He was defending his hometown of Šibenik from ethnic cleansing and raping Serb paramilitaries, chetniks and Yugo-Serb chetnik attacks and shelling, (see also Battle of Šibenik)... so he was actually battling real life extremists, war criminals and scumbags long before he started just acting the parts for Hollywood films, definitely not your average latte sipping and young actors Hollywood soiree background. In October he will be back in Croatia to start filming a movie about the Croatian General and war hero Ante Gotovina, during the defence of Croatian independence in the early 1990's. There I feel so much better now, spending a few minutes doing this post and not seeing or hearing about Peter Poppof's miraculous miracle tap water or Benny Hinn's bacon dance)


Third Season of Crossing Lines Being Filmed In Croatia

Parts of the third season of well-known television series Crossing Lines will be filmed in Croatia from 22 – 25 April…

Crossing Lines, which premiered in the United States on NBC in 2013, is an action crime drama which stars Donald Sutherland, Richard Flood and former Croatian E.R actor Goran Višnjić. The German, American and French co production will film next week in Opatija, Rijeka and Rovinj.

New series leads Goran Visnjic (ER) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) join Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games) and Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones). Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) and Rola Bauer (Spotless) are Executive Producers. Opposite Goran Višnjić and the regular cast, the serial stars other Croatian actors in supporting roles, such as Duško Valentić, Dado Čosić, Slavko Juraga and Karlo Mrkša.


CROSSING LINES Season Three begins six months after the heart-stopping conclusion of Season Two. In Season Three’s first episode one of Dorn’s (Donald Sutherland) top prosecutors has vanished and he must reactivate the ICC team to find her. Kidnapping expert Marco (Goran Višnjić) and Carine (Elizabeth Mitchell), a skilled investigator, are new team members joining Sebastian (Tom Wlaschiha) and Arabela (Lara Rossi).

CROSSING LINES – THE TIME IS NOW promises to be its most ambitious, with a new emphasis on contemporary cross-border crime, gut-wrenching character drama, and a reunited team.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Goran Visnjic Join Crossing Lines Season 3



Crossing Lines‘ new leads have a rather impressive TV-drama pedigree: Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell and ER‘s Goran Visnjic will take over as series leads in the crime drama’s Season 3, our sister site Deadline reports.

In addition, Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) has signed on as an executive producer of the drama, which follows European law-enforcement officers as they deal with international crime in the European Union.

Mitchell and Visnjic will play new team members Carine Strand and Marco Corazza, respectively. They join returning cast members Donald Sutherland, Lara Rossi and Tom Wlaschiha; Stuart Martin (Babylon) and Naomi Battrick (Waterloo Road) also will make their debut as series regulars in the new season.

But will the latest installments of the series — which films in Europe and is financed, in part, by European producers — be available to American audiences? That one’s a little tougher to answer.

In the United States, NBC aired Crossing Lines‘ first season but chose not to continue with the series — then led by William Fichtner (Invasion) — past that. Netflix then streamed the drama’s second season in the United States; a rep for Netflix could not confirm that Season 3 of the drama will be available in the U.S.

Crossing Lines‘ third season takes place six months after the events of the Season 2 finale, with Sutherland’s character bringing together the team after a top prosecutor vanishes.

"Crossing Lines" season 3 official trailer. Goran Visnjic will join forces with other cast members in a unique global/crime series that taps into the charter of the International Criminal Court (ICC), to mandate a special crime unit functioning as a European-based FBI, to investigate serialized crimes that cross over European borders, from murderous extremists, the subversive muslim-rap cartel, various strange named cults and dictators to even the taboo and disturbing phenomena of documented true to life fashion crimes, they will hunt them down and bring the criminals to justice. (check your local listings)


Actor Goran Visnjic filming a stunt scene on the roof of the Imperial Hotel in Opatija for the 3rd season of the NBC television series "Crossing Lines."

For those super inquiring gotta know minds and fans of the series, more behind the scenes pics at and with Donald Sutherland HERE and HERE.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Zagreb's Iconic 5+ Star 'Hotel Esplanade' Celebrates 90th Birthday

To view a cool virtual tour of the whole Hotel Esplanade as if in person click onto

I couldn't resist posting about this as soon as I saw it, I was tempted to comment on all the Bruce Jenner cutting his dick off talk that is all over the news lately, (and the related in-depth penis stew or soup commentary afterwards. Even human penis soup is popular in some places I noticed, so it wouldn't surprise me, perhaps a future post and the connection to diamond earrings when more information becomes available from the news, first the Wheaties but now there may even be a Bruce Jenner soup down the road),..but I find this a little more interesting and in my ball park. Now, I'm not particularly a hotel aficionado or particularly have a thing about hotels, but I do find these kinds of older classic hotels to be more than just hotels or just places to sleep while traveling. I really like a lot of that Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture and art from that era, before the popularity of graffiti, crack houses, stabbings and drive-by shootings became vogue. (I did a post before about art deco/art nouveau and the modernist Croatian painters from that era and also mentioned the Esplanade Hotel, more on that HERE)

They don't make them like that anymore that's for sure. I don't have any plans anytime soon of staying at the Hotel Esplanade, but these buildings are like architectural jewels and should be preserved and made to exist a long, long time. The hotel just barely missed being hit during the Serb rocket attacks on Zagreb in 1995. There are actually a number of similar classic 5 star hotels in Croatia like this, (Hotel Park in the coastal city of Split is finishing up a 10 million Euro facelift and upgrade even as I'm writing this and will re-open it's doors again as a 5 star hotel this summer), however not many can fall into the same category as the Esplanade Hotel, one of the great hotels not only in Croatia, but in Europe as well.

The famous Orient Express train, which traveled between Paris and Istanbul, Turkey, used to make Zagreb an important stop, and it hosted numerous famous faces over the last 9 decades.

Since the late 19th and early 20th century while the Croatian lands were still a part of Austria-Hungary, it was decided that Zagreb was deserving of and required a fully modern and world class hotel in the city, on a par with other European capitals. Eventually a number of the world’s top architects in 1917 bid for the international tender to design the hotel. Germany’s Otto Rehnig won the tender and his original plans were then modified by the Zagreb architect Dionis Sunko who used Belle Époque stylization which was popular at the turn of the century, and he made the Hotel Esplanade the luxurious Secession-style hotel which we see today.

The hotel was given the name “Esplanade,” which in its original form has the meaning “field”, likely because it was built on a vast plain to the west of the central train station. The Croatian National Theatre building already erected in 1895 was also close by, so a name was required which would connect to the Croatian lands and specifically the city of Zagreb, to it's centuries of common cultural and civilizational history within central and to western Europe. Being that there were already a few hotels named Esplanade found in Europe at that time, (and even others that came after) it seemed a fitting name for Zagreb's first modern luxury hotel.

The hotel was the center of Zagreb social life throughout the 20th century. It was the place to stay for the rich and famous while visiting the Croatian capital. The list of personalities who have stayed at Hotel Esplanade over the last 90 years includes; Charles Lindbergh, Orson Welles, Vivien Leigh, Alfred Hitchcock, Leonid Brezhnev, Lawrence Olivier,  Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Anthony Quinn, Sophia Loren, Francis Ford Coppola, Queen Elizabeth II, Laurence Olivier, Gary Kasparov, Arthur Rubinstein, Richard Nixon, Catherine Deneuve (ooh, she was good in that movie The Hunger), Samantha Fox, Nelson Piquet, Cliff Richard, Woody Allen, Pierce Brosnan, Bob Geldof, David Beckham, U2, R.E.M,  Pet Shop Boys, Guns ’n’ Roses, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds and Franz Ferdinand just to name a few, it's a long list.

For some reason when I see images of those old classic large hotels like this, that Stanley Kubrick movie The Shining always comes to mind. (Remember that movie boys and girls? ooouuu, that was a scary movie, trust me, you sure don't want to watch it home alone at night around Hallowe'en time that's for sure) It's almost like when you're in there you expect Clark Gable to walk in any second asking for the directions to the bar. (.."Hey bub, say that's a swell lid you got there, btw, where can a fella get a dry martini around here and a good steak? say, that's a swell looking mermaid at the elevator.") I also think the hotel would be a great location as a backdrop for some kind of thriller/action/spy/drama/suspense movie, sort of like where the guy would be staying after flying in for a hit or important rendezvous, sort of like described at the beginning of this post.

There's no shortage of hotels in Zagreb or in Croatia, but these classic beauties are something else, they're just a little bit different. Even if you never stay in one, they're actually interesting works of art that just look cool even if just walking by. Anyway, below is just some extra information I came across while doing this, about the new edition of Esplanade VIEW magazine. If you want to take a peek and see some good views of the interior, hit the link

New issue of  Esplanade VIEW magazine celebrates hotels 90th anniversary


Hotel Esplanade celebrated accolades and introduced a new issue of the Esplanade VIEW magazine

Zagrebs most prestigious hotel, Esplanade, had a grand reception at The Club, with many guests, diplomats and media representatives, celebrating the numerous accolades it has received in the last few months and presented a new issue of the Esplanade View magazine.

The Laurusdan agency is responsible for the marketing, selling advertising space, promotion and event management following the Esplanade View magazine published by the “Business woman” publishing house.

The redesigned magazine contains many interesting topics, interviews, hotel novelties and a special fashion editorial.

The Esplanade View magazine established cooperation with several famous fashion houses that magnified the event with their spring collections. Porsche Design-a special partnering this magazine issue decided to use this opportunity and for the first time present the women’s Porsche Design Twinbag.

Different bag models from Max Mara, Lancel and Samsonite were also presented.

Esplanade VIEW is a bilingual magazine of Zagreb’s most luxurious hotel. It promotes the beauties of Croatia and its capital and gives the guests of the hotel interesting information on current events, cultural offers, shopping destinations, gastronomy, etc. It also includes fashion editorials and reports from different parts of Croatia and the world. The magazine is adapted to the guests of Hotel Esplanade in order for them to gather as much information in the shortest period possible about the town and hotel they are staying at.

Hotel Esplanade Zagreb was opened in 1925 in order to provide accommodation for the passengers of the famous Orient Express. Over the years, the Hotel has hosted numerous world-famous artists, entertainers, politicians and public figures, confirming itself as the most prestigious hotel in Zagreb. In 2011 Esplanade Zagreb won the World Luxury Hotel Award.

To view a cool virtual tour of the whole Hotel Esplanade as if in person click onto

From a previous post HERE about art, art nouveau and art deco, a couple personal pics of the Hotel Esplanade during my time in Zagreb in 2011. It was my last full day so I didn't have time to go inside and look around and do some interior shots. (The Zagreb Central Train Station is just to my left) 

Like I said, there's just too many famous people that have stayed there over the years to mention. Below is a rare photo of Woody Allen during his stay at the Hotel Esplanade. (I don't have any inside juicy stories from the time he stayed there, but I'm sure he was nothing but trouble

Another rare photo from New Years Eve at the Zagreb Hotel Esplanade in 1926.

These last few pics from the hotel's website, and are some good interior views.

This room looks particularly good to drink various martinis in I think. 

Interesting background information about the history of the Zagreb's Hotel Esplanade. More good interior views videos HERE.

Mario Možnik Wins Historic Very 1st Croatian Gymnastic Gold Medal At European Championships

Arriving back in Zagreb after the European Championships. Image:

I've done too many sports related pieces lately and had no plans to do any for a while, I passed over a number of good sports posts, but this is a bit different and so I had to throw something here quick. Personally, I don't really watch gymnastics, well, the men's anyway, but I never even heard of this guy before. Heck, I never really paid much attention and knew we even had people in this sport of the horizontal bar. Gold medal at the European Championships?... not too shabby of a result. Sort of like a Croatian Batman or Spiderman or something.

I found out that his notable results are a bronze medal at 2014 World Championships, this gold medal at 2015 European Championships and also a silver medal at 2012 European Championships. At the 2007 World Championships Možnik even introduced a new gymnastic element which is now named after him. He is also the laureate of the Croatian "Franjo Bučar State Award for Sport" for 2013. With another medal round result at the World Championships in Glasgow later this year and he will qualify for the 2016 Olympics. Some footage below from Croatian television of this recent gold medal performance.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Serb War Criminal Seselj Goes On Flag Burning Spree Before His Next Vacation...(Fun Yipeee!)

Serbs gathering in downtown Belgrade getting the lighter fluid before the burnings. Foto: Tanjug / Srđan Ilić.

I don't want to waste too much of my energy on this because the delusional antics and fantasy filled dogmas involved are nauseatingly boring, but it was just too sweet to pass up and add some personal commentary. In a nutshell, the self-professed holy leader of Serbdom and architect of genocidal killing sprees, looting, ethnic cleansing and systematic rapes in the 1990's against Non-Serbs all and everywhere, was a few months ago allowed to go back to Serbia on compassionate grounds. Supposedly he has some kind of cancer and had to have an operation. He surrendured in 2003 and was charged with war crimes including planning the capture of towns in Croatia and Bosnia as part of a criminal plot involving other Serb leaders, including former leader Slobodan Milosevic, to drive out non-Serbs then take their homes and possessions and eventually mass murder, as well as hate speeches promoting the genocide against all Non-Serbs including Kosovo and even within Serbia.

However, the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague say that he has breached conditions of his provisional release by and must return to the court’s cellblock in The Hague. (Conditions on his "compassionate medical release" was that he was not to instigate or promote hate speech and ideals and that he had to come back to the Hague when he was notified) However, immediately after landing in Belgrade just months ago, he right away took to the media spewing ultranationalist Serb hate speeches and even promoting Serbs to take up arms and invade Non-Serb countries again, even promoting more ethnic cleansing and mass murders, as if it was 1994. Well, now he's been ordered to go back soon to spew speeches at the termites in the walls of his prison cell to ethnically cleanse the termites in the other prison cells, but he's still vowing he can say whatever he wants and that he will not to go voluntarily back. (Like an incalcitrant 5 year old who refuses to eat his broccoli or take a bath) Long story short, after U.N. War Crimes Tribunal news that he breached his conditions and must return, yesterday he and his followers took to the streets of Belgrade to burn the Croatian flag. (It's really important to them that they burn the Croatian flag)

This spiritual leader of Serbian psychopaths, ultranationalists and delusional philistines, last week, during an event marking the 16th anniversary of NATO's bombing campaign against Serbia over its repressive policies in Kosovo, Seselj and his followers also burned the flags of the European Union, NATO, the United States and Kosovo. He really likes burning the flags and it has become their Serb tradition almost, burning various Non-Serb flags, spitting and stomping on the ashes, congratulating each other afterwards for destroying and cleansing the stupid puny Non-Serb flags to hell, it's almost like destroying Non-Serb people except it's flags.

The great historic moment when the genocidal guru and great Serbian statesman politician Seselj and his people burn the Croatian flag. Revenge for the 1999 Croatian bombing campaigns using NATO planes and bombs.

The self-proclaimed Serbian Jesus has issues with reality. 

Current (as in right now) Serb President and Serb Prime Minister are big fans of their favorite extremist nutjob genocidal maniac

The glorious moment of Greater Serbia victory and defeat of the Non-Serbs. (It's like burning Non-Serb homes and buildings in the 1990's except it's a flag)

Seselj and his Serbs burning the European Union flag just a few months ago. (The flag represents the union of Non-Serb nations of Europe btw, the nations that don't want to become Serbs or Serbia)

Burning NATO and European flags in Belgrade recently. I saw one of the chaps holding an unburned Russia flag and was curious why he wasn't holding instead a Soviet Union flag or at least a Stalin flag. Why isn't one of them at least holding a Saddam Hussein flag? Very weird and strange if you ask me. Photo: Tanjug. 

Walking with his para-military group and other Serb volunteers/psychopaths near the Croatian town of Vukovar in 1991. (This was after burning the Croatian flag then also, as well as ethnic cleansing, civilian murders and burning homes etc)

Seen again with his pal Dragan Vasiljkovic or Captain Dragan (But he liked Daniel Snedden better while he was in hiding and on the run in Australia) He is in the process of being extradited to Croatia for ordering killings, ethnic cleansing and war crimes charges, as well as to find out who and what exactly he thinks he is or thought he was or what kind of shit fucko he and his pals in the photo are. I personally hope he gets a headful of lead instead of a time consuming and money wasting trial, and probably all the Serb religion cult gurus like seen below who have been making him a big Serb hero and Serb culture saint. More info at What Ever Happened to Daniel Snedden the confused chamelion Serb shitard and lots of other places.

Just a few weeks ago while on his temporary war crimes medical release he was awarded the "White Angel Medal" during a ceremony from leaders of the Serb church, and you thought I was kidding about him being a Serb spiritual guru and holy hero? He once advocated the napalming of the Croatian capital city of Zagreb while his chetniks and ultranationalist paramilitaries from Serbia were going on killing sprees all and everywhere. It seems their personal Serb church which represents their very identity is nothing but an front organization that supports war criminals, ethnic cleansers and mass murderer allies even all around the world, not just in Serbia. Your local Serb church has many, many Seselj supporters and fans of his ideologies. That's Serb religion and Serb culture for you. Photo: Facebook. 

Big huge Vojislav Seselj supporters not that long ago singing about....what else? Killing Croats, Non-Serbs and raping them of course. Welcome to Serb religion and Serb culture.

A rare photo and the little known fact of the Serb spiritual genocidal guru Seselj making a secret visit to Iraq in 2001 at the invitation of his pal and world pariah dictator Saddam Hussein. Good to know. This would be right at the time that Saddam and his regime was being tied by western nations intelligence to al-Qaeda, supporting world terrorist groups and known terrorists, chemical weapons attacks while ethnic cleansing minorities in Iraq,  (Seselj and Saddam were especially in total agreement in the ethnic cleansing department), grave and extreme violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, use of rape as political tool, widespread mass and summary arbitrary executions, starving minorities and stopping/stealing humanitarian food shipment and other severe violations of human rights. Secret police, torture, mass murder, rape, deportations, forced disappearances, assassinations, chemical warfare. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International issued regular reports of widespread imprisonment and torture. (See also Saddam entertains Serb 'ethnic cleanser' on secret visit to Baghdad and Human rights in Saddam Hussein's and Seselj's Iraq)

 As one can see it's not quite clear to mental health professionals what kind of logic or delusional thoughts are swimming around in his grey matter to account for his various decision making processes or what his personal identity and belief system is, this is another reason why he and his supporters have been categorized by many mental health professionals as delusional and deranged psychopaths. (I don't know if the 2 chums got together to burn flags at the time also. I wonder whatever happened to Saddam?)

So anyway, he could have done a lot better I think, why just one flag? Whey not at least 10 flags, 25 flags, shit make it 50 or 100 flags, make it a big bonfire, something really impressive and awe inspiring, any local drunk moron can burn just one measly flag for the media. On top of that, why just burn the NATO and European Union flags recently. To really make it impressive and show his rightness and smartness he should have burned the individual flags of the nations that helped in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia/Serbia (the last remaining make believe bit of it anyway)....meaning the flags of the countries that actually are and were NATO at the time....

*Note - I highlighted in red the independent countries that are founded by Non-Serbs and hence known in the vernacular as existing Non-Serb nations and/or Non-Serb people/Non-Serb country, or in the majority of cases as Non-Serb European countries who also have their own history and so also usually display their Non-Serb flag at international sporting events, organizations, official symbology, license plates, on soccer jerseys, hockey jerseys etc.

Czech Republic
United Kingdom
United States well as the NATO countries that have joined NATO since 1999. They are all still Non-Serb NATO countries too after all joining the same organization.....


...and of course the nations who are in the process of joining NATO....

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Also, just one European Union flag? Pfff, c'mon, that's for amateurs. He should have burned the flag of every single European Union country if he really wanted to make a statement and show Serb superiority over the puny and stupid Non-Serbs and their so-called stupid nothing countries. Oh, and also the flag of Ukraine, they are the Western Satan European Devils of Satan after all. They're the Beelzebub traitors and dirty foul Ukrainians who are against the Serb orthodoxy and who should all go get out of Serb lands after all. (See Serb Chetniks In Ukraine) He's also been quoted as solely blaming Croatia for the decision of the U.N War Crimes Tribunal court to revoke his temporary humanitarian leave of absence and order him back, and that it is all their doing. Insane and delusional much?

(Perhaps he came across my post and even then discovered that Croats and Non-Serbs did exist before the 20th century. It must have been quite a shock and perhaps even shattered his world. Personally, I'm flabbergasted that Saddam Hussein hasn't come to his aid yet.

He definitely should have burned a few other flags that also fall into their demented and delusional logic, that being the Disney flag, Bayern Munich Flag, Czech Republic and Slovakian flag especially, Red Bull flag, Hajduk Split flag, Dinamo Zagreb flag, Zagreb Bears hockey club flag, Ottoman empire flag, Hugo Boss flag, Ikea flag, F.C. Tokyo flag, Olympic flag, Russia flag and/or Boris Yeltsin flag, Oktoberfest flag, Karlovacko or Ozujsko beer flag, Ledo ice-cream flag, the flag list goes on and on. Prosecuters at U.N. War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague are demanding about 30 years in prison for when he gets back. Well, that's about all I have to say about this. Off to more important and interesting stuff.

(Update - Shortly after doing this post I think he may have read this post. It seems his latest nonsensical ramblings and fantasy diatribes now includes him stating to the local media that he promises that one day he will ride into Croatia atop an armed tank and continue cleansing Non-Serbs and especially Croats. Well now, that is quite a promise and statement. As a rebuttal (Because I naturally have to retort and tell it like it is after all), for this bizarro-world delusional statement, which of course implies him leading another attack and more ethnic cleansing and killing campiagns on Non-Serbs by his bands of armed Serb church religion misfit rapists and armed ethnic cleanser loser pussythugs, because then he would move on to other countries again too like before), I then retort that in that bizarro-world scenario I would assuredly be the first one to put a bullet through his forehead, and then go drink some Croatian beers afterwards, and maybe even go to a concert or the movies later. It's mentalities and statements like this from defunct and dysfunctional brains, (and I'm sure most people who know that 5+5=10 will agree), that really bore the hell out of me and make me think that he and his supporters and sycophants, don't even belong on the European continent but rather in some other corner of the world inhabited by crazy mental stooges)

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And The Croatian City To Be A European Capital of Culture In 2020 Will Be...(Drum Roll).....Rijeka

Yep, I know it's still 2 years away and I already covered this topic last year when it was announced, but I added a few extra ima...